Spring is an exciting time of year — the snow is melting, the birds are starting to sing, and there's nothing but blue skies ahead. It's the perfect time to gear up for the warm weather ahead and prepare your vehicle while you're at it! 

With spring just around the corner, there are a few things that you should do to ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Did you know that at Delaney Subaru, we can help you take care of any of these maintenance tips? 

1. Replace your windshield wipers...

During the long winter months, a lot of damage can happen to your wipers. As you desperately try to scrape the ice from your windshield, small tears occur in the rubber of your wipers. It's always important to be prepared for a spring pop-up shower, so be sure to get your windshield wipers changed out for spring!

2. Get your oil changed...

You may not notice, but the winter weather does a number on your vehicle. With spring on its way, it's the perfect time to take your vehicle in for an oil change. Not only is it good for your car, but it's good for peace of mind that all of the parts that oil lubricates are running properly.

3. Swap out your tires...

Say goodbye to your winter tires and put on your trusty summer tires! When you keep your winter tires on during the summer months, you can wear down the treat that makes them so valuable in the snow and ice. Take them to our service team at Delaney Subaru to get them swapped out!

4. Restock your safety items...

It's always good to keep extra blankets, snacks, and warm clothes in your vehicle for the winter months, but when spring rolls around, it's time to swap them out. Be sure to keep blankets in the car in case you get sleepy and need to pull over for a nap, but also stock up on weather-appropriate clothing, water, snacks. If you were towing around something like cat litter or sand for the winter months, you can take that out now! It can be beneficial in the winter to have this to weigh down your back end, but in the spring, it can just waste your gas.

Do you need any spring maintenance done to your vehicle? If you need spring vehicle prep, Delaney Subaru can help. Give us a call at Delaney Subaru today, and we'll get you all set for wherever spring will take you!

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